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Inventory Operator

  • Ubungo Business Park, Shekilango. Opposite to Total Petro Station, near TRA and CRDB offices. View on Map
  • @KEDS TANZANIA LTD posted 3 weeks ago
  • Posted Date : March 27, 2024
  • Last Date : April 5, 2024
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Job Description

1.Conducting physical inventory: Responsible for physically counting warehouse inventory to ensure accuracy consistent with inventory records.
2.Recording and reporting discrepancies: Documenting any inventory discrepancies and report to manager

Job requirement:
1.Good mathematical skills: inventory operator need to have good mathematical skills to perform basic calculations and verify quantities to ensure accuracy
2.Attention to detail and patience: Stocktaking requires a high level of attention to detail and patience. inventory operator need to inspect each item and ensure recording of quantities

Education qualification.

Bachelor degree