Nafasi ya kazi :- Project Supervisor at TotalEnergies June, 2024


Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor of science degree in Engineering
  • At least one (1) years experience in handling engineering duties
  • Project Management skills 
  • Capable of autonomy (analysis, proactive, negotiation skills, decision making, communication)
  • Strictly committed to health, safety, environment and quality,
  • Graduate Engineer (Registered with Engineers Registration Board (ERB).
  • AutoCAD highly desirable. 
  • Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Suite. 


  • HSEQ
    • Respect of the Golden rules and all the HSE rules and standards of TOTAL by all the staff, contractors, customers…
    • Application of Safety Management Systems: Depots (MAESTRO1 & MAESTRO Log), Transport (SMT / PATROM)
    • Quality Control of products to be within Tanzania quality specifications as per TBS.
    • Signing with contractors prevention plan and work permit before starting works
  • Integrity Management
    • Prepare and follow projects to put in place all the needed invariants and safety critical barriers on site in the respect of the LTP and Budget 
    • Actively Participates in sites Technical Integrity reviews and Integrity Steering Committees 
    • Ensures the implementation of compensatory measures and correctives actions associated with degraded situations
  • Projects
    • Responsible for Projects Management of depot and Terminals.
    • Conducting all engineering operations according to TOTAL HSEQ and technical standards and norms.
    • Prepare detailed bidding documents or `request for proposals` (RFP) for projects that are being managed by the affiliate directly.
    • Make proposals of assets improvement for sites (equipment layout, BOQ, etc). 
    • Undertake and supervise projects on sites. Before commissioning of the project a management of change (MOC) training should be provided.
    • Follow the INVARIANT on sites
    • Install all the invariants on sites according to the LTP
    • Conducting project to improve sites
    • Budget control- projects are implemented within approved budget.
    • Quality control- projects are implemented to the quality standard specified.
    • Time control- projects are implemented within the specified time frame.
    • Contractual project payments follow up with Finance Department.
    • Present investment budget for sites and produce a monthly report
    • Prepare detailed bidding documents or `request for proposals` (RFP) for projects that are being managed by the affiliate directly.
    • Tender evaluations of the above-mentioned type of projects and favorable negotiations prior to commencement
    • Reporting 
    • Communicate with site managers to exchange with them on projects and on their needs
    • Prepare a weekly report of all the activity (maintenance and projects)
    • Respect all the standards and recommendations of Total (technical, HSEQ…) and of the Tanzanian regulations in all the projects and works
    • Ensure progress and completion of the project as per Deadline
    • Prepare the investment budget for the next year and follow the actual budget
    • Prepare all the tanks inspection and during them improve the equipment to Total standards

Context & Environment

  • Working in a high risk area due to the nature of product being handled requires a high sense of commitment, consideration and evaluation of any operation to be carried out.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is required for any job to be carried out safely and effective.
  • Working Instructions and procedures work as guides to make the working environment favourable.
  • Providing key interfaces with Maintenance, Supply, Procurement and Commercial services.

Close coordination with;

  • Internally: EM, OM, supply team, Commercial Department, HSEQ, Customer Service Department, Finance and purchasing department, Logistics Manager, Depot Managers, Paris HO (AMO – Log).  
  • Externally: Contractors, Engineering Consultants, Government institutions such W&M, EWURA, TBS, etc.

Main challenges:

  • Lack of reliable and specific contractors hence requiring thorough supervision on projects.
  • Lack of respect to HSEQ in all aspects of operations e.g. contracted works if not supervised thoroughly.
  • Neglecting set standard drawings and technical documentation by contractors

Time and cost management pre and during project implementation.

Additional Information


  • Financial; follow up of projects 
  • Reporting incidents/Accidents on work sites
  •  Following purchase procedures
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Respecting of project  tender specifications
  • To manage resources (installations, equipment and people) to provide safe, Cost Effective and Efficient operations in project.
  • Meet Projects schedules while monitoring and controlling costs. 
  • Documentation of project records.
  • The jobholder’s responsibilities impact directly on Safety, Health & Environment, Operating Costs & Sales turnover. He must ensure that all operations and services are consistently compliant with Total HSEQ Group Policies and Standards
  • Reduce the incidence of project on activities and develop strategies to improve overall reliability and safety of field equipment, personnel and operations.