Nafasi ya kazi :- Senior Workshop Team Leader at July, 2024


Job Role

Receives and processes customer orders, inquiries, and/or complaints covering items or products ordered and supports customers through specialized technical or scientific knowledge/product applications. Maintains an ongoing relationship with selected customers and sales staff, particularly those focused on technical applications of the product or service. Uses technical knowledge of products, product availability, sales territories, and individual customers to provide a key communications link to the customer. May handle multiple product markets. Typically requires relevant experience, completion of technical product training, and demonstration of high-level product and process knowledge of a technical nature.

Job Responsibilities

  • Record and process custom/special orders that may require additional resources for delivery and coordinating with those teams as required.
  • Provide advanced product/service information and respond to complex customer questions about the product/service.
  • Provide fault isolation and resolution to limit and address issues promptly.
  • Assign short-term work schedules to a team of subordinates in order to achieve expectations while following established timelines.
  • Respond to basic issue escalations promptly and appropriately; provide managerial approvals as required.
  • Carry out relatively simple testing and quality assurance tasks.
  • Monitor the performance of the team; allocate work and review completion, take appropriate corrective action to ensure timeliness and quality; contribute to formal individual performance management and appraisal
  • Develop own capabilities by participating in assessment and development planning activities Including formal & informal training & coaching; gain/maintain relevant external professional accreditation to improve performance and fulfill personal potential.
  • Respond to personal objectives and use performance management systems to improve personal performance.
  • Maintain an understanding of relevant technology, external regulation, and industry best practices through ongoing education, attending conferences, and reading specialist media.
  • Maintain and lead periodic check-ins with non-key customers to ensure they’re receiving the most value from the product/service.


Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent is prefrable

Required Qualifications & Skills

Minimum Experience:

Minimum Two Years Of Experience.

Job specific Skills:

  • Excellent technical skills.
  • In depth knowledge of the products
  • Excellent communication and negotiations skills.
  • Leadership skills
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Team building skills