Nafasi ya kazi :- Translator & CLO Job Opportunity at CPP


Position Name: Translator & CLO

Total Exploration and Development Uganda Limited (TEPU), CNOOC Uganda Limited (CUL) and the Government of Uganda have discovered crude oil in the Lake Albert area and want to develop and build an oil pipeline to connect production from the Kingfisher area to Buliisa-Nwoya area of crude oil is exported to the international market.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project is part of the Lake Albert Development Project, a 1,443-kilometer transnational long-distance pipeline development project that can transport crude oil from Uganda to Tanga Port on the east coast of Tanzania .

The EACOP system is divided into three components, above ground installations (AGIs), pipelines and offshore storage terminals (MST).The above ground installation (AGI) consists of 6 pumping stations (PS-1 to PS-6) and 2 pressure reducing stations (PRS-1 and PRS-2) along the pipeline route.

The pipeline consists of 1,443 kilometers of 24-inch continuous heated export pipelines, connecting the Kabaale hub pumping station (PS-1) in the Hoima region of Uganda and the Tanga region storage reservoir in Tanzania . The pipeline includes all intermediate valve chambers , electric heat tracing (EHT) systems, high voltage distribution (HV) and fiber optic (FO) cables and related equipment, as well as the EHT substation.

Job Description:
  1. Responsible for facilitating daily translation of Chinese, English and Swahili for the people who are not speaking common language. 
  2. Attending Meeting and act as official translator to mediate the discussion.
  3. Facilitating Communication for Chinese with a Limited English Proficiency. 
  4. Develop understanding of Region, District, Ward, Village and Hamlet level  stakeholder and how they may be affected by CPY activities. 
  5. Develop understanding of CPY construction activities, all CPY work  locations (direct and indirect) and the type of community engagement required,  keep community informed of CPY activities.
  6. Implement CPY stakeholder engagement work plan. 
  7. Interface with CPY Site representative and EACOP CLOs on construction  activities. 
  8. Implement community induction and keep CPY updated on community  issues feed and highlight potential community related risk to CPY for action. 
  9. Record and report community questions and project related concerns and  participate in preparing and providing timely responses. 
  10. Implement EACOP Project Grievance Mechanism. And Coordinate with  EACOP in resolving grievance related to CPY activities. 
  11. Maintain detailed records of all stakeholder engagement supporting  information including minutes of meetings, Attendance Registers, Photo and  written records and maintain database hard/Soft copy for sharing with EACOP 
  12. Maintaining register of and record all stakeholder concerns, issues and any  other stakeholder feedback relating to CPY construction activities for action  with CPY Social Manager. 
  13. Implement other project related work including but not limited to  License-related work, such as license surveys and license processing; local  resource surveys, such as medical resources, borrow pit surveys; and  Temporary land acquisition coordination. 
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor’s degree or above.
  2. Those with experience in EACOP project more than one year are preferred.
  3. HSK level 4 is required.
  4. Minimum 3 years of related work experience.
  5. Able to accept the nature of the project’s work.
  6. Good interpersonal skills & ability to work within a team and individual.
  7. Those with experience in petroleum pipeline or construction related industries are preferred. 
  8. Flexible and adaptive-work in different places and with different people.
  9. Should have laptop, mouse and other office supplies on the first day of work. 
  10. Should have good physical condition, free from infectious diseases and other diseases.
How to apply for the position:
  • Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be titled with your full name and position applied.
  • Application letter with Curriculum Vitae (CV) including names, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • Only successful candidates will be contacted for further procedures.
  • Lobbying and canvassing will not be entertained and may disadvantage the applicant and even lead to disqualification.
  • Failure to abide by the instructions given above will automatically lead to disqualification.

The required documents should be sent to email: [email protected] on 21/06/2024 before 16:00 hours