Americare Found Avon, Inc {“Americares’) is solacing proposals from; liters to provide external audit services lo: fiscal year 202, for the calendar period ending December 31, 2021.  1s seeing a qua

qualified organization, or organizations, Preferably the former) that will assist

Americares with a deep dive/incused external audit of year financial?

statements / records and our conformance to International Public Sector Accounting Standards, (IPSAS)


Americares Is an emergency response and global health organization:

‘that saves lives and builds healthier futures for people in crisis in the

USS. and around the word, every day, Americares pubis critically needed medicines and supplies in the hands of frontline heath workers and develops innovative, sustainable health improvements in their communities. We are the leading nonprofit lor delivering donated

medicines and medical supplies to heath programs around the world.

‘We leverage this core competency with emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts, and programs that improve health outcomes. Our programs increase access to care in more than 9D: countries every year. Americares is recognized by the Tanzania Revenue:

Authority as a non-governmental organization, [NGO). Americares has partnered with Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) deliver (free, high-quality medicine and medical supplies Lo patients  R

‘in need. In partnership with BMC, Americares Obstetric Fistula Repair: & Project addresses the physical and psychosocial trauma of the childbirth injury through cost-free surgical repairs and pre/post-operative care ‘and counseling. Health worker safety & a priory for Americares. In. collaboration with free major hospitals, Americares has provided health workers with interventions such as free Help 8 vaccines, training on sale work practices, Quality Improvement “rams (ONT) strengsherung and infrastructure improvements. Americares addresses WASH challenges,

improves access to infection prevention and control supplies, hospital equipment and IEC materials.  A five years USAID-funded Americares project—Community Partnerships for Respectful Care (CPRC) – aims to contribute to a reduction in mortality and morbidity for women and children 19 Tanzania over Five years, by integrating respectful care practices into existing services and empowering women seek essential services. Selection Process and Timing:

Americares will review all proposals based on the criteria outshined

in this A=P. Those firms whose proposals are selected for further consideration may be asked make a personal presentation tours and of answer questions in advance of our final selection. The selected firm) will remark to Americares Tanzania Country Director:

Proposal Requirements:

A. Objectives;

A focuses audit of our financial statements / records and our conformance with Accounting Principles and International Polk

Sector Accounting Standards, {1758S}

B. Scope of Work for each External Audit: D

‘This independent audit will cover the period from January 1st 2021 December 31st, 2021 and the assessment will focus on:

following areas:

  • Examine Americares Tanzania’s financial transactions to ensure supporting documents are accurate, reliable, and free of material misstatement.
  • Assess the overall prosomata of Americares financial statements and make sure they are in accordance with the approved budgets.
  •  Examine the effectiveness of systems, policies and procedures that were in place during the audit period.
  •  Review procurement activities to determine whether Americares procurement and contracting policy and procedures as well as best practices were followed and adequacy of these procedures.
  •  Review financial statements to ensure that They are of assented in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Imernational Public Sector Accounting Standards.
  •  Review systems, procedures, and management to determine whether these provide adequate intimal controls.
  •  Review income and expenditure records incident the payroll and benefits administration to ensure compliance with the donor requirements, local labor and other applicable laws.
  •  Review and document the implementation of corrective action planks) for prior audit findings Firm information

2. Proposal Contact Information: Respondent’s Name:

Respondents Title:

 Respondent’s Address:

Respondent’s Phone #:

Respondent’s Email:

2. Give a free history of your firm including:

  • Audit practice – qualification and expertise with conducting audits.
  • Audit methodology.
  • Tools and Technology.
  •  Project team and their qualificators

 3. Number of for profit and au profit clients for which you provide audit services &, Provide details of any Yellow Book continuing profess anal education, (CPt), held by your “

5. The terms of total revenues, expenses and assets grease strategy

your firm’s client base,

 6. What are your competitive advantages? Please add other relevant inform anon about your fern.

7. Discuss any value-added services your company could provide

aside from management expertise.

B. Provide at least 5 chent references with organization name and

contact information.

9. Describe any training, educational services, and other materials that are available.

 Dy Fees

1. Please provide 2 detailed fee proposal, including how fees are calculated.

2. For want services do you impose an additional fee?

3. A statement exaiicithy stating the duration of time for which the offer smutted to provide serves to Americares for free described shall be valid.

Contact Information

|E. All proposals should be evaded to [email protected] and copy  [email protected] by 5th December 2021