Day: March 13, 2023



UNIVERSAL AUCTION CENTRE under instructions received from Royal Danish Embassy, Norwegian, British High Commission & European Union. We shall sell Household furniture’s, Vehicles & Motorcycles

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Request for Bids Small Works

Country: United Republic of TanzaniaName of Project: Higher Education Economic for Transformation Project (HEET)Contract Title: Construction of Buildings at Ardhi University-Main CampusLoan No Credit No./

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RE: Supply and Commissioning of Forklifts Lot 1, 28Nos. 3Tonsshort mast forklift Trucks with 2Nos. tree pieces (Wood) clampingattachment each and Lot 2, 22Nos. 5ton forklift with Long mastunit 8 feet, (with pipe handling attachments) and 22Nos. 5tonforklift with short mast unit 6 feet with 2Nos. tree pieces (Wood)clamping attachment each, Seven (7) No. 5Tons Forklift (2 No.for Bukoba and Kemondo Bay Port and 5Nos for Kigoma Port)SUB: NOTIFICATION OF CONTRACT AWARD

THE UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIATanzania Ports AuthorityTelephone: +255222110401-8Fax: +255222130390-21113938E-mail: [email protected] Tower – One StopCentre, Plot No.

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