Crude Oil Pipeline-EACOP

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO PROVIDE Welding and Coating Inspector Training and Certification – TANZANIA REF. 00-CNTSUB-1058


The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Project is part of the Lake Albert Development. The
project is a 1,443km cross-country pipeline development to enable the transport of heavy and waxy
crude oil reserves located in the Albertine Graben region in Uganda, to a terminal station in Tanga
on the East Coast of Tanzania.

The EACOP SYSTEM is split into three component parts namely Pipeline, Above Ground
Installations (AGIs), and the Marine Storage Terminal (MST).

The Construction of the EACOP project requires Quality interventions from EPcmC (Worley),
Company (EACOP) as well as the Company Contractors (CPP, DOCG, ISOAF, BBN, Schneider,
and their respective Sub-Contractors).


As part of its Scope of Work for the EACOP Project, Worley Europe Limited (through its Local
Entity) will seek a tender for Internationally Accredited Training for both Welding and Coating
Inspectors to Level 1, for personnel located in Tanzania.

Requirements for the services essentially shall include, but not necessarily limited to the supply of:

1) Full Training in Country (Tanzania) with Certified (by approved international certifying bodies)
2) Full Training Facilities with associated special equipment and samples as may be specified by
Certifying Bodies where required.
3) Full Practical Training as required by Certification Bodies (i.e. NACE, BGAS, AMPP etc.)
4) Provision of all Stationery and Learning Materials. 5) Full International Accredited Certification route following the completion of the training (May
include Attendance Certificates for initial training but Training content and delivery MUST be part
of an International Certifying Body process).

Additional Services (if required):

a) Transportation from Central area to Training Site
b) Provisions of meals for the duration of the formal Training.
c) Provision of Exams facility for Certification, including required invigilation and oversight.


Companies expressing their interest are invited to document their request with:

  • Previous experience certifying Welding and Coatings Inspectors to an Internationally Accredited Standard
  • Evidence of executing the training in compliance with all applicable laws and jurisdictions
  • Currently registered or a commitment to be registered in the Tanzania – Local Suppliers and Service Providers database (LSSP).
  • A copy of their own and main suppliers ISO 9001:2015 current certification
  • Proof of Certifying Body accreditation of main suppliers.

Tanzania (Local Content Requirements):

  • Application for registration with the EWURA Local Supplier Service Provider (LSSP) database at the time of the response to this EOI is strongly recommended.
  • Compliance with Local Content Regulations, 2017 and Local Company definition.

Uganda (National Content Requirements):

  • Proof of Registration in the National Supplier Database maintained by the Petroleum, Authority of Uganda for service providers in the Oil and Gas Section
  • Compliance with the petroleum Midstream National Content Regulations, 2016.

Interested companies which meet the minimum requirements and have the capacity to provide the services listed above should express their interest by sending together with the above listed
documents an email to [email protected] (Max. Email Size: 20 MBs & all
documents must be submitted in the English language) on or before 17:00 hours East African Time (EAT), on 28th April 2023. Companies satisfactorily meeting the above minimum requirements will receive, subject to the signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), a detailed prequalification questionnaire for further evaluation by Company.

EACOP project reserves the right not to consider companies that submit an incomplete

Note: Only pre-qualified companies will receive an invitation to submit their bid in furtherance of
the Call for Tender process.